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Why the Kemetic Spirituality Site?
Kemetic Spirituality is one of four systems that make up the Kemetic Way of Life. It is the system for ‘communicating, interacting and living powerfully with Creation'. This is the system that guided our Kemetic ancestors in the way of creating a powerful sacred society. This system, Kemetic Spirituality, was used in creating many powerful sacred societies throughout the ancient world, including Sumer, Harappa, Shang, Olmec and others.

Kemetic Spirituality guided our ancestors for thousands of years enabling them to generate the highest moral standards and broadest life-centered relationships. Our ancestors continuously pointed to their system of spirituality as key to their success and endurance. They pointed out that everyone and every living thing had its place and responsibility to practice and uphold the standards that guided them. For our ancestors Kemetic Spirituality was a life-style and an identity; it was not something you practiced on occasion but, what you lived every moment of your life.

Kemetic Spirituality suffered a collapse due to foreign invaders into the various African societies impacting the institutions, leadership, and life-style of the people. In its place inferior fabricated systems were imposed on African people as a way to control them for exploitation. In spite of the gallant wars and efforts to maintain and restore the African way, the invaders had much success in debilitating African societies and spirituality. More than two thousand years have occurred as African people have continued their effort to reconnect, regenerate and restore our spiritual system. Today we are closer to doing so.

Seba, Heru-Ka Anu Kemetic Spirituality is closer to being restored, and we can now envision creating new powerful sacred societies. On the shoulders of numerous leaders and scholars who have lead the way in defending Africa and that which is African, Seba, Heru-Ka Anu, the TaNefer Ankh Community and the Ankh Institute, among other Kemetic-centered leaders and activist, are restoring the Kemetic Spirituality System. In this light this website is dedicated to the restoration of Kemetic Spirituality. Find here Kemetic Spirituality classes, workshops, retreats, services, ceremony, history, leadership, teaching and events to get you on the Kemetic Spiritual path.

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