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Kemetic Spirituality

"Communicating, Interacting and Living Powerfully with Creation"

Kemetic Spirituality Defined

Kemetic Spirituality is concerned with the 'way of the spirit' (of life). Kemetic Spirituality is the way of communicating, interacting and living powerfully with creation. It is a traditional, cultural and methodical way of engaging the 'families of creation'. Kemetic spirituality assumes that all life comes from the same creator and, therefore, all life is related - i.e. 'spiritual connection'. Additionally, Kemetic Spirituality views life as a non-ending continuum, whether from the perspective of the creator (Atum, Ptah, etc.) perpetuating creation; or from the perspective of life continuing from one realm of life to the next - for example a new-born coming from the realm of 'those yet unborn', and or, a person in this world transitioning to the next world, and continuing life in the next realm.

Kemetic Spirituality is also the practices engaged in based on the 'body of knowledge, rituals and beliefs', developed over the millennia of interacting with creation. Kemetic Spirituality has as its objective and outcome perpetuating life, unbroken bonds and unending relationships.

Kemetic Spirituality is a system with structure and guidelines. The Kemetic Spirituality system is progressively being 'reconstructed', 'regenerated' - by Kemetic Seba (leaders and teachers) - and practiced as more and more people are reconnecting to it as a matter of tradition, culture and methodical (organized) way of living.

History of Kemetic Spirituality

Kemetic Spirituality has roots going back more than 200-thousand years to the era of the African gatherer-hunter societies. Its foundation and roots span from the ancient Twa, Khoi-San and Anu Spirituality, through Nubia Spirituality, to its own. Though connected by history, roots and traditions, Kemetic Spirituality is distinct in its own right. Being a part of the 'Kemetic Way Of Life', it guided the Kemetic society to become the preeminent society of the ancient world, so much so, that it (Kemetic Spirituality) was diffused throughout the ancient world as African populations introduced it to various geographic areas - Sumer (Asia Minor), Harappa (India), Shang (China), Olmec (Mesoamerica), Tene (Western Europe) and of course Africa - creating an ancient global faith.

Kemetic Spirituality became disrupted and debilitated as each of the aforementioned societies fell victim to foreign people of conquest who, in turn, used the 'Kemetic Model' to forge 'belief systems' that furthered their way of being and objectives.

Distinctions of Kemetic Spirituality

Kemetic Spirituality was a system that promoted the perpetuation of creation and optimal life for everyone, so in this respect it is not like, or comparable to the Eastern and Western Religions of Hinduism (Brahmanism), Judaism (Hebraism), Christianity or Islam - belief systems that promote(d) a particular people, at the expense of other people - including creation itself. Kemetic Spirituality did not (and does not) promote denigrating any part of creation or humanity, as each of the aforesaid religions did, and continue to do.

Learning More About Kemetic Spirituality

There are few books on Kemetic Spirituality - so learning without a teacher can be a challenge. Instead most of the contemporary books address the 'Kemetic Just Society' (aka 'The Way Of Maat' and 'Maatian Ethics'), from which can be gleaned some aspects of Kemetic Spirituality; however, none of them address the subject of Kemetic Spirituality fully. However, Ankh Institute - of the Kemetic Community Ta-Nefer Ankh - offers in-depth classes on Kemetic Spirituality, taught by Seba, Heru-Ka Anu. Through the courses offered you could learn about Kemetic Spirituality - Of The Past, and Kemetic Spirituality - In The Present.

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